Modern hotels are complex businesses. Over the past 30 years, we've built up an ever-increasing stack of IT systems to track and report on a broad range of data. Past attempts to consolidate that data into a viable, single source of truth have been fraught with erroneous reporting and unpredictable systems.

To get accurate financial statements and reporting for our businesses, you've often needed to fall back on old, manual approaches, just to be sure that the accounting records we publish to the wider business and regulators are correct.

In fact, you spend so much effort on manual accounting, that it's hard to find time to harness the rest of that rich data into useful management accounting reports to improve your business.

Our mission is to help you run your hotels better. Optimally, in fact. Which means that our highest priority is to help you ensure you have accuracy across your business-critical accounting first. The good news is that we don't need to change any of your existing systems to do that, so you can rest assured that the data you have in systems today will continue to exist in the same, expected way into the future.

Financial helps you reveal hidden meaning in complex data. With Financial, you get one source of truth that pulls realtime and historical data feeds from every siloed database in your business. We let those systems continue to do what they do best; bookings, airconditioning and room system monitoring, guest profile data and more. And Financial sits above all of them, continuously providing you with the big picture. A picture that is accurate, insightful, and reliable.

And to save you even more time, we've harnessed the power of artificial intelligence and big data science to automatically offer you forward-looking management reports and predictive analysis. Hidden seasonalities and trends that appear when many unconnected data points are analysed can show you important correlations that have been hidden since your hotels began.

Of course, you can slice and dice all that data to ask your own key questions. You can easily go hunting to see if trends you've long suspected have a strong evidence basis in the numbers.

It's time to move on from repetitive, manual mundane methods. Instead, let Financial help you take proactive measures, and start managing for the future

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We process and display all PMS data in real time. That means your kpis and other metrics are always up to date — no manual entry required!

But everyone knows a Balance Sheet is only part of a bigger picture. You also need to know what happened along the way. Ideally, you want to successfully predict the future, based on past information.

We can map and compare the hotel's data directly with your ledgers. And we can structure and aggregate that data according to your unique business rules and processes.

Financial really shines in its unique ability to consolidate data from all of your different hotel information systems — into a single clear dashboard. We can set it up so that alerts and notifications are triggered. And we can set it up for you such that any field, or combination of fields is monitored, with custom thresholds such as you determine for the particular metrics that you care about most.


Zoom out for more overview, or zoom in for more specific details. You can choose to review either a single property, or a combined rollup of all finanials and other records aross your entire group.

Never before has there been such a reliable way to compare differently-branded assets. Nor has there been a way to run sophisticated trend and other analyses across such a mixed set of data points. With Financial, you can do all that and more.

Our slick dashboard screens offer new ways for you to see business-critical visuals of trends at any portfolio level (single, brand, group). And you can slice and dice them to suit your own custom purposes. Of course, it's easy to export the data to an Excel file, should you need more flexible data manipulation on the fly.


Quickly uncover hidden seasonality, or other important correlated factors. Develop strong predictive models for your cashflow and other forecasts, leveraging the best data science available to any hotel in the world.


We have a high level of focus on protecting your data from the wrong eyes. You can set up multiple different groups of users, each with its own levels of authorisation for different documents. You can also hide certain documents completely from specific user groups.

Give read-only access to investors, management, other companies or even individual staff members, if and as you need to, and foster stronger engagement around your organisational Smart Hotel success!

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