In simpler times, a hotel's reputation was built on good old-fashioned hospitality. We welcomed our favourite guests by name, we remembered their favourite cocktails, and we never put them in a room that wasn't up to scratch. We made their stays so delightful that they never wanted to leave.

Times have changed. Unfortunately, while trying to keep up with the pace of that change, we've lost sight of the fundamentals upon which our industry is built.

You now have a dizzying array of computer systems, each one promising even more than the last. But all too often those systems created more pain than progress. They might have seemed like good investments at the time, but as your business has grown more and more complex, you just haven't seen them live up to the golden promises they made.

Guest Intelligence is the key to unlocking the hidden value of your business data, for the right people in your business, at the right time. Finally, there is a way for you to extract real, measurable returns on your old IT investments — without changing a single thing!

Guest Intelligence works like magic. It delves deep into your existing databases, and gives your team all the tools and insights they need to ensure that every one of your guests has a delightful experience in your hotel.

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What if there was a way to pull everything you know about a guest into one easy guest profile, so that your front desk, concierge, room service kitchen, day spa and even your online bookings engine can all use that information to its best advantage?

And what if you could do all that by simply plugging each of your current systems into a single switch?

Like the switchboards of old, Guest Intelligence connects all your IT systems through one centralized control center, and establishes a single unified place where your team can find everything they need to know about each guest.


Every guest walks their own path through your hotel. Uncovering the story of that journey can help you understand what is important to them and when. Some of them will always come late for dinner, and some will always check out first thing. Some research their stay well in advance, and others just book at the last minute.

Guest Intelligence gives you a birds-eye view of each of those unique journeys, presented in a familiar timeline view that lets your team see what they did, when they did it, and in what sequence. It gives your front desk the full picture of a booking. It helps your marketing team discover what makes them tick.


Personalization is the future of hotels. We take personalization to a whole new level - by helping you anticipate your guests desires, even before they ask for them.

Recent leaps in the power of Artificial Intelligence have meant that you can have your very own team of virtual data scientists working around the clock... tirelessly analyzing data from more than 50 online sources (including social media), to uncover unique insights into your guests' personality, tastes and preferences.

Guest Intelligence empowers your team to tailor marketing messages, service offerings and packages for any or all of the interest and personality-based categories that are hiding in your guestlist.

For example: guests who enjoy running often appreciate tips on the best local running tracks, and may even enjoy the opportunity to socialize with other fleet-footed travelers.

When Guest Intelligence's sophisticated algorithm flags several incoming guests as avid runners, your team is empowered to create a uniquely personalized, highly engaging brand experience that puts you in front of the pack.


It's hard for your front desk to welcome Mr. Jones back if they can't see that he's been a regular for the last 6 years.

It's even harder for Mr. Jones to forgive you when make him feel like a stranger.

Of course, somewhere in your hotel, the records of all of his visits are hiding. But to match that data against your latest bookings and scheduled arrivals would be painful and extremely time-consuming. That's why 83% of all hotels fail in this simplest of all tasks: remembering a valued customer's name.

With Guest Intelligence, you can make sure that Mr. Jones and others like him have a memorable, delightful experience.. before, during, and after their stay with you.

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