On-prem interconnection

Secure, one-port server

Detailed floorplan overview

Live operations dashboard


Failing air-conditioning in one or two rooms can seem like business as usual.  Meanwhile, there is a mass amount guests who haven't slept because their rooms were swelteringly hot all night. Luxury chocolates, fluffy towels and pillow menus can never compensate for breaking your simple promise of a comfortable room.

IConnnectU works 24/7 to notice those things that nobody else would notice. And when it detects trouble looming, the right staff members get notified of the exact issues to resolve.

We combine data feeds from every one of your systems into a single dashboard, with real-time alerts and monitoring, and advanced artificial intelligence that actually learns about your hotel, and helps you predict failures even before they happen, based on thousands of different operational variables. 

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Upon installation, we will implement an on-premises Virtual Machine (VM), completely managed by our Ireckonu team members.


This VM will interconnect all operational systems on-premises and will gather and consolidate the data provided.


The communication from our VM to your systems interacts from the inside-out so there’s no need for an open port in the firewall. That very same inside-out tunnel is used to communicate back to the VM, making data communication between on premises and above property extremely safe.


No surprises – our key management system tracks the entire flow of room keys and door lock interaction and logs the processes within the key management platform.


Key cards and room usage can be monitored and regulated to the smallest detail. With updated data on key card usage, you as a hotelier are able to spot trends across your entire property.


Our state-of-the-art Floorplan Monitoring feature continuously tracks every system you have, with an uncanny sense of urgency. By detecting point failures as they happen (or even before), Floorplan Monitoring correlates data across your systems to identify root causes quickly. 


Each connected room within your properties’ hotel/hotel chain can be viewed from an efficiency standpoint, compiling error and caution messages of all the integrated systems working within a specific room.


Updated in real-time as housekeeping cleans and inspects a room, the system reports the status of the room, floor by floor. Go room by room and view the operational status of each connected system - from HVAC units to TV’s – and pinpoint malfunctions across the entire hotel.


We monitor all the metrics that matter most to your business.


Bring your data to life in a single overview that helps you see the hidden meaning in your numbers. This is made possible by the Ops Dashboard. In here, all operational information from every property is made available. Because of the hybrid architecture of the Ireckonu Middleware, this information is available at any place, all over the world.


Finally, you can see your data with clarity.


The tech-centric guest expects optimal Wi-Fi whenever they stay at a hotel, regardless of occupancy or web traffic. 


Network monitoring gives an operational and guest experience improvement. This feature monitors the status and the speed of the network inside the hotel, expiditing change based upon the amount of guests using the wifi and the overall efficiceny of the connected Wi-Fi network.


No more slow Wi-Fi from massive iOS/Android updates - ensure that every guest in the hotel receives optimal internet connectivity from the lobby to their room. 

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