Traditionally, managing many rooms also meant managing a big payroll. More guests has always meant more staff. Past experience has shown that skimping on operations support will always lead to poorer guest outcomes, and long-term reputational damage to your brand.

But the inertia of traditional wisdom is not wise in today's connected, highly competitive market. Guests don't even need to visit your hotels to know if you have quality issues. Crowdsourced reviews and photos of your rooms provide the world at large with a near-realtime picture of your brand's integrity that is completely beyond your control. 

Sometimes, it's just a handful of little things that, put together, spell trouble. At first, they all seem unrelated on the surface, so nobody notices until disaster finally strikes, and your reputation suffers massive damage. 

Failing airconditioning in one or two rooms can seem like business as usual. An unusual spike in early check-outs might be overlooked. Meanwhile, there is a mass exodus of guests who haven't slept because their rooms were swelteringly hot all night. Luxury chocolates, fluffy towels and pillow menus can never compensate for breaking your simple promise of a comfortable room.

Since your front desk doesn't handle airconditioning servicing, and housekeeping has its own schedule, there has traditionally been no way for anyone to connect the two data points, in time to prevent disaster.

Until now.

Operation Excellence works 24/7 to notice those things that nobody else would notice. And when it detects trouble looming, the right staff members get notified of the exact issues to resolve, easing the burden of vendor management. 

We combine data feeds from every one of your systems into a single dashboard, with realtime alerts and monitoring, and advanced articifical intelligence that actually learns about your hotel, and helps you predict failures even before they happen, based on thousands of different operational variables. 

In fact, we've seen some of our customers increase operating efficiencies so drastically that they can service 1,200 rooms with a single support staff member. And they've achieved double-digit increases in guest ratings at the same time.

In this increasingly connected, realtime world, Operation Excellence means you can have happier guests, and fewer staff at the same time. It's not the way of the past. 

It's your best way forward.

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Data Science is about making sense of all your data, all at once. Our state-of-the-art artificial intelligence continuously monitors every system you have, with an uncanny sense of urgency. By detecting point failures as they happen (or even before), the right staff are able to take immediate action, rather than waiting for a guest to tell them.

Operational Excellence correlates data across your systems to identify root causes quickly. That means your team doesn't waste time with one vendor, when another vendor is actually to blame. We notify each of your staff using the communications technology that works best for them: phone, SMS, dashboard alerts and more are all possible in this truly connected future.

Overnight, your issues start getting fixed faster.

Which means your guests have the best experience your hotel can offer, every single time.


We all know that every hotel is greater than the sum of its parts. Your top people know how to keep their fingers on the pulse at a human level. Operational Excellence helps them keep your hotel's services running like precision clockwork, by setting up smart remote controls that automatically ensure you are delivering a consistently great guest experience.

Little things all add up. Simple courtesies like setting their room temperature to a comfortable level, with just enough time before they walk in. Then shutting the unit in their room off automatically upon check-out. And simple conveniences for your staff, like automatically creating the day's key cards in advance of scheduled guest check-ins.

Easy things, simple in isolation. Together, they add up to big efficiencies, bigger cost savings, and truly great guest experiences, every single time.

Because the system can immediately adjust as unexpected things occur (which they always do), your hotel's operating efficiency remains consistently high. By automating the menial tasks, and also coordinating them all in real time, across everything that happens in your information systems, perhaps for the first time in a long time, your people are no longer slaves to their machines. At last, with Operational Excellence, they can actually put the machines to work instead.

It means you can finally free up your team enough to bring back that warmly hospitable, somehow undefinable, uniquely human touch.


A wise manager always knows their numbers. What gets measured gets managed, so your key numbers, like average time to check-in, really matter. But like a balance sheet, those numbers only tell a stationary part of the story. You also need to know what direction they are heading in, and where you've already been with them to do things better, and know what to manage first.

Operational Excellence helps you to see where you're heading, and make smart course corrections as you go. We show you visual trends for specific key dependencies over time. And we help you make sense of complex correlations through visualizing as straightforward trend-lines on a simple chart.

And it's not just about historical data. Combined with our incredible predictive analysis, your historical data becomes a magical crystal ball into your hotel's future. Our artificial intelligence actually gets smarter and more accurate over time, as it learns about the unique complexities of each hotel you own.

Measure everything, manage everything, and help your hotels deliver consistent excellence with the confidence of knowing they can always set their compass bearings for your hotel's true north.


Operational Excellence brings your data to life in a single dashboard view that helps you see the hidden meaning in your numbers. We monitor all the metrics that matter most to your business: occupancy, repeat rates, booking sources, profiles, and your own custom KPIs, plus many others.

Finally, you can see your data with clarity. And when you can actually see what's going on in a consolidated window, you will start to find the trends that matter most to you. Trends like unexpected seasonality in bookings across hotels in a particular region start to become more obvious. Star performer assets begin to really shine.

And best of all, having the big picture, with clarity, means you can find and take action on new unique competitive advantages, fast.

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